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The subscription is free and individual. A member may buy several Diaspora Guarantee Fund and Investment (FONGAD-Invest) coupons. $50 voucher on our website (click on Purchase Coupons Investment). You can also buy coupons on-site in the US at your nearest Bank of America office, dropping to the following BoA account number 4460 3973 288 (Name of Beneficiary: FONGAD-Invest SA, LLC). People who purchase over $1,000 in coupons will have the privilege to become members of the General Assembly with a vote.
Payment & Transfer
Our Bank of America account is an open pivot account where funds from the Diaspora are collected and transferred into a blocked account of the Guarantee and Investment Fund of the Diaspora (FONGAD-Invest). It is possible to buy several coupons; this helps to finance projects and increase the economic benefits they provide. A certificate will be awarded to each member confirming its official title of member of the Guarantee and Investment Fund for the Diaspora.
Our members will have the advantage of providing a job for themselves or competent affiliates in future projects in Senegal. FONGAD-Invest will take 70% of each project's shares and leave 30% to future employees who will have the option to buy medium or long-term from their monthly salaries. Each member will receive a document on the procedure of the structure. This document mainly states that the funds collected will be permanently blocked in an account and used only as a guarantee to raise investment funds for projects approved by the Board of Directors following the Articles of Association and the internal regulations.



The dividend distribution is strictly based on our constitution and can not be changed by a General Meeting of Members. The process is simple, clear, and easy to understand. The dividend will be based solely on a percentage or proportion of profit of the year (net profit) and decided by the Board of Directors. The FONGAD Invest provides for at least a dividend distribution of 25%, with the possibility of an increase of up to 75% depending on the company’s results after two years of investment.

Dear compatriots of the Diaspora.

I think in all humility that at the beginning of the 21st century, all signs indicate that it is imperative to engage in the path of development of our continent. This commitment encourages us to find innovative and secure ways to work for a common cause. FONGAD-Invest (the Diaspora and Investment Guarantee Fund) is an initiative based on an original and revolutionary approach, which seems to be the ideal way to precisely meet the requirements of the economic and social development of our continent scope Diaspora. Our mission is to act in unity, to accompany this development tool that is FONGAD-Invest, capable of mobilizing, in full transparency, the necessary funds to ensure the emergence of several SME-Key in hand to make our contribution to the edifice of sustainable economic emergence in Senegal and the African continent. For this reason, we invite you to analyze and take ownership of the product: FONGAD-Invest (Diaspora Guarantee Fund and Investment), an innovative tool response to economic issues of the continent. May God grant us His light and fill our hearts with love, so that we can together bring positive changes in the Cradle of Humankind. Senegal is my village, Africa is my country!

Mr. Madani Ndiaye

Chairman of the Board

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