Fongad Invest

Simple instructions for Zelle

  1. Visit and click the “Get Started” option to check if your bank is on the list of partners.
  2. Click the name of your bank and confirm your bank launched Zelle.
  3. If your bank launched Zelle, download the application to your phone.
  4. Register your mobile phone number or email address with your bank account.
  5. Send money to Fongad-Invest using the following email:
  6. If your bank is not on the list of partners or has not launched Zelle, download the Zelle application on your phone.
  7. Record information from your debit card and enter your mobile phone number or email address.
  8. Send money to Fongad-Invest using the following email:

Fongad-Invest Reimbursement Rule

By depositing your money to buy shares, we assume that you have read our reimbursement rule and made your payment only after being convinced of the opportunities that present your investment and derivative form of payment of dividends.

Deposit is final and irredeemable. Shareholders may, however, transfer their activities to a third party. Please refer to Article 2.4 of the Articles of Fongad-Invest for investors, available on our website or directly contact Fongad-Invest at 1-855-936-6423.

Security rules

Confidentiality and integrity are Fongad-Invest guidelines. Our focus on the protection of personally identifiable information and cloud security remains very strong. We are committed to protecting your account and personal information with maximum security. Read the lines below to know how we safeguard your information and the ways you can protect yourself by identifying and reporting fraudulent activities.

Authentication and Identity Verification

  • We secure the identity audit trail to validate the traceability of financial transactions so we can identify suspicious activity at the moment.
  • System Validation SSL Certificates Extended.


Fongad-Invest Team Cybersecurity System

The Fongad-Invest online system is continually updated with security patches and upgrades, enabling us to reduce to zero the risk of vulnerability to attack. This strengthens our commitment to protecting your information and your money.

Deposit Protection

For your security, we do not save our customers’ banking information on our servers.

How to protect yourself against fraud

Check your bank statements regularly and confirm all of your transactions. If you notice any suspicious activity, contact your financial institution.